Tijuana Sloughs - Sand bar way out in the ocean off the mouth of the Tijuana River. Breaks big and spooky on large swells. The water is very dirty so make sure you're up on your shots. This is a California big wave break.

Playas de Tijuana - Beach break along beach suburb of Tijuana. Water can be dirty. There's a spot called The Wall that the locals like to surf.

Baja Malibu - Powerful beach break that breaks best with a south swell. Don't be deceived by this wave, it will pound you. First time surfing there a casual duck-dive under a small wave came up with a broken board. This is a popular south swell break for San Diego surfers. Rumor is that nowadays the water is dirty.

Rosarito - The beach breaks along this stretch are a mystery to us. Every time we've checked it out we go somewhere else.

Popotla - Rocky headland that breaks left into a bay on a good south swell. This can be a fun break with the right swell and tide. Not for beginners because of the rocks. You must pass through a security for the Popotla trailer park to surf here these days. If the surf is no good, you can check out the Fox Studios and see where they made the movie Titanic (or not). Oh yeah- on the side of the Popotla trailer park is a little beach break that's popular with the body boarders. We've never seen this break worth the effort, but it's there.


Calafia - Great right point break. Needs a big south swell. This spot looks perfect from the road, but be careful. There are lots of pointy mean evil rocks in the lineup. You have to know the best tide and when to pull out of the wave before finding yourself shark meat on the rocks. Parking on the bluff south of the point means a very steep hike down the cliffs down to the rocky beach. This is not a spot for beginners. For some, it may be better to go to the Calafia Restaurant, drink margaritas and watch the surfers.

Bus Stops - (We think that's what its called) Beach break right point type set up just south of Calafia. This spot breaks more often than Calafia and it's not as sketchy. It breaks best on a south swell.

El Moro - (What old timers call it from back in the day.) Rocky right point set up just north of K38. You have to turn off the free road and park under the overpass - pay for parking. This is a good wave, but be careful, at low tide the rocks appear. This is K38's forgotten little brother. There is also a left on the south side of the bay.

K38 - super fun right point set up. In historical times you could park and camp on the bluff overlooking the spot. Now the bluff is covered with high-rise condos that periodically burn down because the builders forgot to put a fire station nearby. This wave breaks best on a south swell, and it can be real fun. Sometimes it can be fickle with tide changes. Sometimes it's very crowded. To get out there these days you must paddle around the point from the north after parking at El Moro (above).

K39 - Next reef set up just south of K38. Slow long board wave that breaks best on a south swell. We don't know how you can park for this spot since the condo builders have closed it off, but it can be a really good break, especially for long boarders.

Las Gaviotas - We've heard this is a fun break from friends who rent a house there. There is a security guard at the front gate and you can't get in without permission. Since our friends are not good enough friends and they never invite us, so we don't really know this place. Not that we're bitter or anything. Maybe you can check it out. Take 10 of your friends who all ride long boards and crowd the place out for our supposed friends. We're told it's a right and it's slow but fun - not that we care because we're never invited.

Round Rock - O.K., we made up this name because we don't know the name of this place. We call it Round Rock because there was a perfectly round rock on the beach. (How imaginative!) We couldn't call it Death Barrels or something macho like that because the wave is slow and mellow - perfect for beginners. It's north of the tourist mecca of Puerto Nuevo. You pay to park on the bluff and you can camp there. The wave seems to break best on a south swell. We have had a ton of fun surfing out there when it's glassy, but it can be very slow (we already said that). Given how the Mexicans are closing off access to their beaches, this place is special because you can still get to the beach. The wind can really howl here in the afternoon and then the kite boarders take over. If you're into kite boarding you must already know about this place. If you do you can tell us what you call it. Until then, it's called Round Rock.

Just a bit of nostalgia. Back in the day when the coast was open and you could pull off to surf just about anywhere, nobody would surf at Round Rock. But now it can get a good crowd of desperate surfers.

K55 - Well we jumped past a good stretch of coast with nice beach breaks to get here. K55 used to be a really good beach break but storms many years ago washed it out. The beach break still has its moments. The trouble is that the bluff is now covered with a private development so surfers can have trouble getting in to surf.

Campo Lopez - Right point reef set up off a trailer park on the southern end of K55. If you can get there, it can be a good break. It likes a big south swell.

La Fonda - Beach breaks down below the La Mision and La Fonda hotels. Nice wide open beach with lots of peaks when it's good. Breaks all year.

La Mision - Another stretch of beach break. Not as good as La Fonda. The line-up changes daily depending on the swell and wind. You can park along the pay road on the south end of the beach. This is a very popular beach for the local people and on a sunny weekend day the parking area can be packed with people.

Salisipuedes - This is one of the premier breaks along the north coast of Baja. The main break is a reef. The reef breaks best on a north swell. There is also a right point on the south end that breaks only during the largest winter swells. The right point is a heavy break and it is not a place for inexperienced surfers. There are large rocks along the point and if you get caught inside during a set you will get shoved into those rocks. It's very dangerous to get in and out of the water. Rumor is that surfers can't access this break anymore because developers have bought up all the land.

San Miguel - A great right point break south of Ensenada. Good fast wave with a barrel. Breaks best on a north swell. This is one of the premier surf breaks along this stretch of coastline. Rocky shoreline. This is not a break for beginners. It can also get very crowded! Surfers can camp on the beach for a fee.

3M's - Slow breaking reef break south of San Miguel.

The Cannery - We don't know much about this break because every time we check it out we go back to San Miguel.

Todos Santos - Killers - Todos Santos is an island off the coast of Ensenada. Killers is the name of the famous big wave spot out there. You take a boat or hired panga to the island and anchor off the shore near the break. Your hired guide sits in the boat and waits while you surf the 20 foot bombs that break off the rocky reef. Have fun!

Deadmans (Don't waste your time looking for it - you'll never find it and we'll never tell you where it is.)






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