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ZOGWA® Water Container

ZOGWA® Water Container

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Single ZOGWA® Water Container.  Buy more than one and you can stack them as shown!

Sorry, only available for in-store pick up.  Please place your order separately from any t-shirt order, and select "pick up" during checkout.  Each Zogwa container comes with one reversable spigot valve and screw cap, one push fitting vent and plug, and one short connector tube.

The planet's best water container.  Whether you are a committed camper or you just want a reliable container for your family's disaster preparation, a Zogwa® is the best choice.
The patented design has these unique features:

  1. Stacks two ways.
  2. Super-durable, rotationally-molded container.
  3. Connects with other Zogwa containers.
  4. Food-safe plastic.
  5. Each container has 5+ gallon/18+ liter capacity.
  6. Strong-point loop holes for hanging.  Use it for showers!
  7. Reversible spigot stores inside container.
  8. Interlocking design for stacking and storage.
  9. Diagonal design for complete drainage.
  10. Graduation marks to measure water level.
  11. Bright color for visibility.
  12. Accessorize with additional tubing for showers or added convenience.
The Zogwa is different and has no competition. It is rotationally molded for superior strength over thin, cheap, blow-molded containers.
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